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DOT/SAP Assessment


ALCOHOL & DRUG AWARENESS INSTITUTE [ADAI] Substance Abuse Professional[s] [SAP] are qualified to act in the DOT Drug and Alcohol testing program and meet the SAP qualification requirements in §40.281 as noted at:

ALCOHOL & DRUG AWARENESS INSTITUTE [ADAI] Substance Abuse Professional[s] evaluate employees who have violated a DOT Drug and Alcohol Program Regulation and make recommendations concerning Education, Treatment, Follow-Up Testing, and Aftercare.

As an employee performing Safety-Sensitive functions in the Transportation Industry, you take your responsibility to provide a Safe Work Environment for your co-workers and the Traveling Public seriously. You have made a Professional Commitment to creating a Safe Work Environment by following established work rules as well as the Department Of Transportation’s rules on Alcohol and Other Drug use. When DOT Drug & Alcohol Rule [e.g. test positive, or refuse a test] are violated employers are required to immediately remove employees from performing safety-sensitive functions and not permit the employee to return to DOT regulated safety-sensitive functions until the employee has:

-Undergone an evaluation by a Substance Abuse Professional (SAP) [employers must provide you a list of SAPs in your area even if the employer fired you or did not hire you]

-Successfully completed any course, counseling or treatment prescribed by the SAP prior to returning to service;

-Undergone a follow up evaluation by the same SAP to determine your compliance with their recommendations.

-Provided a breath and/or urine specimen that tests negative for drugs and/or alcohol prior to returning to DOT regulated safety-sensitive functions.

Employees are also subject to unannounced “Follow-Up” testing for drugs and/or alcohol for at least 6 times during the first 12 months of active service with the possibility of unannounced testing for up to 60 months [as prescribed by the SAP]. The Return-to-Duty and Follow-Up drug tests will be conducted under direct observation.

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Certified by the Texas Commission on Alcohol and Drug Abuse (TCADA) Texas Department of State Health Services Approved by Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) State License No. DWI 12.13, DOEP 12.13, AEPM 12.21