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Alcohol Education Program for Minors (MIP, DUI, PI)

Alcohol Education Program for Minors

This state certified program is [6] six hours in length and is designed to help participants increase their knowledge about alcohol and drugs among young people. This fun, interesting, and informative class is for minor offenders under the age of 21 who have been convicted of certain alcohol related offenses which include: Alcohol Related Offenses for Minors Purchase of Alcohol by a Minor, Attempt to Purchase Alcohol by a Minor, Consumption of Alcohol by a Minor, Possession of Alcohol by a Minor, Misrepresentation of Age by a Minor, Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol by a Minor and Public Intoxication.

This is a 6 hour class [2/days 3/hrs]. Participants may pre-register online.

Please arrive 30 minutes early to complete registration and submit payment.

Specific course topics include:

Societal Values Related to Alcohol and Drugs
The Influence of Alcohol Advertising on Young People
The Relationship Between Accidents and Alcohol/Drug Use
Laws Relating to the Purchase, Possession or Consumption of Alcohol Beverages by Minors
Drinking/Drug Use Patterns of Young People
Decision Making Skills

Certified by the Texas Commission on Alcohol and Drug Abuse (TCADA) Texas Department of State Health Services Approved by Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) State License No. DWI 12.13, DOEP 12.13, AEPM 12.21