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Alcohol & Drug Assessments

Alcohol & Drug Assessments

Travis and surrounding Counties and Out of State DWI convictions requiring an Alcohol and Drug Assessment.

ALCOHOL & DRUG AWARENESS INSTITUTE [ADAI] Licensed Counselor[s] conduct an in-depth Diagnostic Assessment that measures the degree of alcohol/drug problems outside of the current alcohol/drug offense. The assessment process will determine where a person is on a continuum between No Substance Related Problems at this time to a Mild, Moderate or Severe Substance Use Disorder. During the Clinical Assessment, Evidence Based Instruments and an in-depth interview [up to 2 hour service] will build a comprehensive profile that evaluates the extent to which Alcohol and/or Other Drug use has interfered with the client’s functioning. Clinician[s] explore the following lifestyle areas; including but not limited to:

-medical and psychological history

-family relationships

-social adaptation

-employment/vocational/academic development

-legal involvement

-alcohol and other drug use history

-prior alcohol and other drug education or treatment

Following review of the full Clinical Assessment, the ALCOHOL & DRUG AWARENESS INSTITUTE [ADAI] Licensed Counselor[s] will formulate a succinctly written summary [up to 2 hour service] and a recommendation is made for the appropriate level of counseling and/or education. There are specific courses mandated by the State of Texas, which must be taken if/when arrested for and/or convicted of certain offenses. This should be taken into account when recommending appropriate counseling and education needs for each client. ALCOHOL & DRUG AWARENESS INSTITUTE [ADAI] Licensed Counselor[s] have long-term relationships with Service Providers in Austin and the surrounding areas and are familiar with the philosophy of Self-Help Groups to which clients may be referred. ALCOHOL & DRUG AWARENESS INSTITUTE [ADAI] Licensed Counselor[s] encourage therapeutic collaboration with their client’s by facilitating applicable referrals [with appropriate documentation of client consent] available in the Client’s community.

Certified by the Texas Commission on Alcohol and Drug Abuse (TCADA) Texas Department of State Health Services Approved by Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) State License No. DWI 12.13, DOEP 12.13, AEPM 12.21